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robuneh inquired: Sorry I keep asking you questions (And I just submitted something oh god I'm smothering you). I just love your blog and your comics and your attitude.


Oh no, it’s no problem at all! Thank you!

And is that you in your icon? If do you’re very pretty.

Oh my god you’re the sweetest. Yes, that is me, thank you! You’re adorable :)


Banff National Park, Canada | Michael Muraz

My home <3

Sometimes I’m just so worried I’m making a mistake with this big 6-month-long trip. I’m already really lonely and I have a feeling spending 6 months alone on purpose might not do well for that. But on the other hand like what other options do I have? Stay here and still feel like shit and be lonely and alone and unhappy?

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anon ilu <3


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what I’ve learned so far

  1. Friends will come and go. Let them. People will come in and out of your life; some people are meant to be a part of your story forever, others for a little while, and some people are busy writing their own.
  2. Life is never on hold, no matter what you’re doing. Find opportunities to learn every day from the place you’re in.
  3. The best thing you can do for yourself is accept your flaws and hiccups and learn from the people you love to make yourself a better person.
  4. The world is a big place; bigger than any of your mistakes.
  5. Life is really just a river current; things will come and go, good and bad. Stay grounded and all things must pass.
  6. Relationships are give and take. One-sided relationships aren’t relationships.
  7. A comfort zone is a dangerous thing to get stuck in.
  8. Shit happens. Life is short and things change every day. People fall in love and break up. Buildings go up and come down. Friends become strangers, and strangers become friends. Live in the moment and love the people in your life while they’re there, and embrace the changes in life, no matter what they are.


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I truly enjoyed this part of her videos (part I, part II) explaining some of her creative and intellectual process for creating BEYONCÉ as a visual and auditory work.

Booked my ticket to France last night.

I’m scared. And excited. And excited. And scared. But holy shit! jkghjfhg!

I can’t wait to see the lavender festivals and the catacombs and the 

Word vomit, retail edition.

I just need to let off some steam.

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Things I’m grateful for

Just set up our Christmas tree and got to thinking tonight. I just have a lot of things to be grateful for and I feel like I need to write them down now.

  • Recovery. I woke up this morning excited about snow, and then I got excited about being excited about the snow. It’s such a weird feeling, recovery. Like I’m being born again. With the bringing of each season all I can think is “This is the first spring/ winter/ fall/ summer I’ve been recovered, I wonder what’s going to make me happy this year!”. And everything feels new again. It’s just so amazing.
  • Money. I’m thankful to have been in a family/lifestyle situation where I had the chance to work for a year and figure my shit out. I have 13 grand in the bank now and I feel like I’m really preparing for my future.
  • Change. I know it’s a hard thing to appreciate a lot of the time, but I’m glad it happens. There are always good changes when you’re able to see them.
  • My family. I know my history with my family over the years has been really rocky, but I’m just thankful that I have people who love me. People who know me so well. People who accept whatever’s wrong with me and love me anyway. I don’t know what I’d do without my mom, or my brother, or even my dad, they’re just the reason I belong.
  • Friends. Shoutout to Zeynep and Shoshana, I’m so thankful that I have these girls who I can tell all my deep dark fuckup secrets to. I’m also thankful that I have lifelong friends and that I’ve realized who those people are. I’ve never really realized it before, but now I get how much it really matters.

I’m home.

God damn, have I ever missed this city. I mean, I know I have missed it. I’ve missed it for years. But isn’t it weird, when you come back home, how the smallest things can just strike you with nostalgia? Like the fact that I haven’t seen a magpie in years. Or how much I missed the sunlight in my face on Nose Hill. The smell of autumn. Taco Time, even though I’ve never even eaten there. It’s been happening over and over again these past few days and it’s driving my crazy and happy at the same time.

Sitting in the car today with my best friend it just hit me: this is my home. This is my place. This is my future. I don’t know what it is about this city but something about Calgary just makes everything seem clearer. The puzzle of wondering what I wasn’t from life just falls together in this town, and the truth is that I don’t belong anywhere else. I haven’t wanted to do art in years but when I’m home my creative itch is on me all the time. I can see my life here and I want it all. I want to live here. I want to build my future here. I want to fall in love and have pets and get married here. And although some part of me says its just excitement, I know the truth. I have to move back. I don’t care what it takes. I’m coming home.