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Album 5 title: Oceans. +

Let me preface by saying sorry that this post is such a shit. I’m on mobile and I can’t really insert images the way I’d like to. So if you have trouble remembering any of the photos, feel free to open up Taylors Instagram and follow along.

So I know we’re coming up to album announcement in a few months and everyone is speculating that the album will revolve around a theme of roses or gardens or something like that

But I have a different theory.

I think the album will be have a motif of ocean

Here’s why:

1. Let’s first scratch the surface with all these photos of Taylor on Instagram with the ocean. I mean we know Taylor loves the ocean but like, holy shit. She loves the ocean a lot. And its always the same style of photo: Taylor walking, with her back turned to the camera, with a backdrop of the water beside/ in front of her. 2. The quote! Remember when Taylor went on her super fun quoting spree that left us all guessing? Go ahead and have a look at those again and you might notice the most recent one is from CS Lewis, who said ” there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” For someone like Taylor who often writes about love as a daydream like in Stay Stay Stay of Mine, it’s provably pretty relatable. Taylor seems to have encountered her fair share of shit in love, but she keeps her heart open because of what she believes in, and because she loves to learn to navigate it. Speaking of…

4. Project Cardinal.

Taylor invited a handful of fans to something super top secret called “project Cardinal&”, which of course confused everyone because like, did she mean the bird? What about roses? But wait - The word cardinal can refer to the ” Cardinal directions”, which are east, west, north and south, (obviously used in navigating, boating etc) or to the “mark of the Cardinal”, which is a mark used by navigators to show which cardinal directions offer a safe way ahead when there is a danger in the ocean.

A safe way ahead in an ocean. Navigating treacherous waters. Love is a ruthless wave unless you sail it good and right? Finally, I don’t think this album’s potential theme of boating/ocean/ navigating is any coincidence when you consider her last major relationship was with Harry Styles. Where did they break up again? Right. On a boat. I remember that famous photo! And how about that huge ass tattoo he has on his arm… Of a boat? If this really is the album theme/title, it only stands to reason that the album would be mostly about Harry and what happened with him. Come to think of it, maybe that tattoo on our IKYWT actor wasn’t just a jab at Harry at all. Maybe it was a clue. ;)


Banff National Park, Canada | Michael Muraz

My home <3


Sometimes I’m just so worried I’m making a mistake with this big 6-month-long trip. I’m already really lonely and I have a feeling spending 6 months alone on purpose might not do well for that. But on the other hand like what other options do I have? Stay here and still feel like shit and be lonely and alone and unhappy?

Anonymous inquired: *flails arms* FOLLOW UR DREAMS

omg how long has this been in my inbox

anon ilu <3

Realize +

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what I’ve learned so far +

  1. Friends will come and go. Let them. People will come in and out of your life; some people are meant to be a part of your story forever, others for a little while, and some people are busy writing their own.
  2. Life is never on hold, no matter what you’re doing. Find opportunities to learn every day from the place you’re in.
  3. The best thing you can do for yourself is accept your flaws and hiccups and learn from the people you love to make yourself a better person.
  4. The world is a big place; bigger than any of your mistakes.
  5. Life is really just a river current; things will come and go, good and bad. Stay grounded and all things must pass.
  6. Relationships are give and take. One-sided relationships aren’t relationships.
  7. A comfort zone is a dangerous thing to get stuck in.
  8. Shit happens. Life is short and things change every day. People fall in love and break up. Buildings go up and come down. Friends become strangers, and strangers become friends. Live in the moment and love the people in your life while they’re there, and embrace the changes in life, no matter what they are.

tattoo ideas +

I really want a tattoo and I think I finally know what.

I really like the constellation Orion and would probably like to get something with Orion on it on my back, in a circular shape. I like Orion because I feel like it represents strength and protection for me, like how I can always look up at the sky and see Orion in the nighttime. and a lot of the time while I was struggling with depression I would do my schoolwork at night and always look at Orion in the wee hours as I went to bed, and I guess it was just a symbol of resilience and like how no matter what I’m going through I can always look at Orion and know everything’s going to be okay. It’s the brightest constellation out there to me. I just love it. I’ve always wanted some kind of star tattoo on my body but I love Orion best.

Dreams. +

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Every time I try hanging around with my old friends from high school I realize that most of the time they make me feel like shit. Not on purpose or anything, but I guess they just bring me back to my shitty old high school days when none of them wanted me anyway. And to be honest, I don’t think I really want them either.

Weddings freak me out +


Maybe it’s because I’ve never been to weddings, only receptions (my father thinks the ceremonies are boring), but I have a hard time wrapping my head around the whole ordeal. It seems like a lot of tradition and to-do and expense for what’s basically a party. 

I don’t know. 

I just think it’s weird. 

And the weirdest part is that so many people think about and plan their weddings BEFORE THEY’RE EVEN DATING ANYONE. Like, how do you know you even want to get married???? And you have like a million pins on pinterest about your future wedding. 

I understand the like socialization aspect part of it I guess (but I think that train missed me or something because I am bewildered). 

Weird man. 

Just weird. 

I’m one of those people…

I just know I want to get married, like I just know. I think my biggest dream besides my career dreams and my general bucket-list dreams is my “fall in love and get married” dream. I honestly just can’t wait to find someone I match with. And I know it takes time, but its something that’s fun to think about.

And weddings are just pretty. I’m a super girly-girl, I like to look at pretty things. And I’m into decorations and interior design and stuff like that so I guess that’s where that love comes from??

Idk, I’m practical about a lot of things but not THAT practical about weddings. I want a small wedding with just family/close friends but I just see it as a necessary part of becoming married? Or like a rite of passage growing up for me? like the joining of families in a symbolic way. Obviously if someone doesn’t want a wedding or marriage then that’s cool but for me I just see it as almost like a rite of passage in life, for me at least. It’s a celebration of family and love and all of your family getting together and a formation of family. Like I’ve already decided who my maid of honour will be (shoshana) and I know I want a family friend to be the officiant instead of like, a priest.

This got way longer than I expected it to. Now everyone knows I’m a total romantic.


I truly enjoyed this part of her videos (part I, part II) explaining some of her creative and intellectual process for creating BEYONCÉ as a visual and auditory work.


Booked my ticket to France last night.

I’m scared. And excited. And excited. And scared. But holy shit! jkghjfhg!

I can’t wait to see the lavender festivals and the catacombs and the 



what’s Finnck’s favourite gum?image